Time Management

Diary Management

Time is one of the few things that we all have in common, how we spend it is variable. Are you managing your time… and therefore your business as effectively as you possibly can?

Meetings and Events

Know where you need to be when, and with whom. We will even plan your routes and send you directions and maps – all you’ll need to do is show up!

By using our Diary Management Service, we will work with you to co-ordinate your schedule, you’ll never miss an appointment and will arrive at your meetings fully prepared.

Foreign travel plans can be researched, booked and diarized, we will work hard to ensure your schedule is both time and cost-effective. Ask us and we can set up meetings, arrange conference calls, make those dinner reservations, or plan that upcoming event.

Using a shared, fully integrated online calendar we can work with you to manage your appointments, set reminders and ‘to do’ lists, all helping you to manage your time effectively.

Email Management

Do you spend your life wading through an overloaded inbox?

You would be amazed if you added up the time you spend trawling through emails! We’ll manage your inbox and cut down the time you spend sorting the wheat from the chaff.

We can prioritise your messages, maintain a relevant filing system and help you respond quickly and efficiently to your contacts.


Call Handling

Are you missing important calls?

We can organise for your calls to be diverted and answered as if by your very own office receptionist. Receive messages instantly by email or text or we can transfer important calls to your specific instructions.  All calls are handled confidentially of course and are accurately stored on a database. We can ask callers questions according to your brief (e.g. how they heard about you) and compile the results into a concise report.

Whether it is regular support you need or just during holidays, meetings or lunch breaks your calls can be captured leaving you safe in the knowledge that your customers are looked after and no opportunities are lost.

Tell us what you need and consider it done.



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