Virtual PA or Office Temp?

Whilst the services of Virtual Assistants have been available for a while now, to some it is still a new concept and poses the question:

What’s the difference between a VA and calling in a temp?

The key differences are:-

  • Experience

VA’s typically have more experience, usually of many years, and have decided to run a business offering their services and outsourcing their skills.  Whilst Temps are often skilled in certain areas they are quite often in-between positions or expecting to simply come into a business to follow instructions and address a task as directed.Therefore they don’t always use the pro-active approach developed by the experienced VA.  VA’s do not need extensive orientation; we are used to providing a broad spectrum of services to a wide variety of clients.  All we require is a clear brief and we can take up the reins.

  • Flexibility

VA’s can be flexible with working hours; because we work ‘virtually’ and can therefore agree to work out of office hours when required.  A temp will need to work in your office, in office hours.  A VA can arrange to increase or decrease their work load to suit the needs of your business, usually at short notice.

  • Continuity

Calling a temp in periodically to clear the decks may be preferable to taking on an additional employee. However, invariably you will get a different temp each time.  Temps are invaluable for holiday cover, maternity leave and sickness where you need a person in your office to cover that role that day, but we believe working with a VA who is going to learn about your business offers the necessary continuity that enables you to delegate with peace of mind.

  • Productivity

We use professional time tracking software and only charge for the hours that we are 100% productive on your behalf – whether that is an hour one day and three the next or a day and a half per week.  We will work the hours that your business requires. Hire a temp and it is usually by the week, for the entire week.

  • Commitment

Your success countsA VA takes an interest in your success.  Our business is built on assisting you in achieving that success. As business owners, we understand the importance of reliability, seamless support, teamwork and growth. Working with you is not just a ‘short temporary assignment’.

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