Why Use a Virtual PA?

  • You are constantly chasing your tail, juggling and trying not to drop the ball
  • Your to-do list is as long as your arm and getting longer
  • You have big plans for your business but little or no time to implement them
  • You know you are missing opportunities to build your contact list and client base but simply don’t have time to effectively network
  • Your cashflow just isn’t flowing because you haven’t had a chance to chase those overdue payments
  • You just need MORE TIME to do what you do best

We appreciate what is involved in running your own business. A VA can provide you with effective, affordable office support. Our mission is to ensure that you have more time to concentrate on developing your business, or just freeing your time so you can do the things that matter to you most.

Most small business owners would love to spend more time on doing what they do best. This means that they need somebody to do all that other stuff that takes up so much time, whether that’s sending out monthly invoices, updating contact databases or making sure those newsletters get written – and sent.

Administrative work is essential – but that doesn’t mean you need to do it.

Working closely with us at will make a world of difference, you can regain control, come up for air and drive your business rather than let it drive you.

A survey of the managing directors of 5,000 businesses in the UK, in which they concluded that having a PA made them more than 32 per cent more effective.

[*Times Online, September 14, 2009]

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